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People often come to therapy at crisis times in their lives or when they feel overwhelmed and in need of some help. There is trouble brewing internally. Together we can take the first steps to seeing the path ahead – with the first exploratory conversation – whether it be individually, in a couple or with family or friends.


We can offer ongoing psychotherapy and counselling with a flexible timetable, adapting to individual schedules. Our view of therapy is a conversation – which delivers insights and tools for change.


We believe in the interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit and we can help pull together a holistic treatment plan – incorporating elements such as yoga, meditation, personal training, life coaching and other complementary therapies – according to the needs of the client. These therapies and holistic practices have changed our lives and therefore our passion as a team is to share this with our clients.


Therapy tends to start the focus on the mind, and yoga and meditation can work alongside this by waking us up to who or what we really are and to what we value in life. Through increasing our self-awareness, we feel connected to ourselves and our lives and this process naturally enhances therapy. Linking our mind and heart to our bodies is the first step. Looking after our bodies through good nutritional health and fitness makes good health sense – so does looking at a comprehensive life plan.

We listen to the client and work out what changes they would like to make and then how best to support them with the palette of services we can offer.

life coaching in london and surrounding areas

Psychotherapy & Counselling

• Individual therapy sessions with flexible scheduling, including Skype and offices in Bond Street, Richmond and Hampton

• Specialist in couples and family therapy

Consultant psychiatrist medical assessment available for dual diagnosis 

• Varied techniques to address stress, depression and anxiety – including CBT and psychodynamic psychotherapy

• Extensive addictions experience – substance misuse and process addictions (such as internet, sex and love, codependency, financial issues and food)


Holistic Life Coaching

• Taking a life history

• Creating a snapshot of where the client is in the present

• Looking at relationships, family dynamics and career paths

• Incorporating new leisure pursuits and other activities

Complementary Therapies

• Creating a bespoke plan based on the needs and preferences of the client

• Yoga and meditation

• Personal training and fitness

• Equine-assisted psychotherapy

• Using trusted therapists and health practitioners who can discuss any further support as needed


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Chris James is a London based health and wellness expert. Chris was recently voted as one of the TOP-10 yoga teachers in the UK in The Evening Standard and is BWY certified.
He has trained at the Krishnamacharya yoga Mandiram in Chennai and in Rishikesh India.
Chris believes you start your own practice wherever you are. This means that you accept wherever you are at that particular moment in time. The practice complements therapy and the discovery of good mental and physical health, including gut health as well as bringing stillness to the mind.
Please contact us for more details.

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Andre Berry

"Transcend Thoughts Release Stress"

After being lost and frustrated with life, Andre not only found a place of peace and contentment
but also a desire to teach the technique that got him there.
Transcendental Meditation has been described as deep tissue massage for the mind:
Transcend Thoughts Release Stress.
Please contact us for more details.

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The Bond Street Practice

Established in 2017, The Bond Street Practice is a psychotherapy, counselling and complementary therapy hub based in Mayfair, Richmond and Hampton.

We offer a fresh, holistic service - treating mind, body and spirit. Our clients are individuals and our bespoke service is tailored to reflect that. One size does not fit all and we pride ourselves on a multi-faceted approach, starting with a simple conversation.

Please contact us to see how we can help.

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The Bond Street Practice

The Bond Street Practice