THE BOND STREET PRACTICE is delighted and excited to launch its new website today! Please visit it and have a look around. The invitation is to step into a creative space and see where it leads…

THE BOND STREET PRACTICE is a wellness hub with a fresh, creative approach to psychotherapy and counselling. We believe the mind, body and spirit are linked and when challenges arise in a person’s life, they tend to affect all three areas and therefore we believe the solution needs to be rooted in all three areas. This is why we are linked strongly to both sources of psychiatric help as well as complementary therapies and health and fitness remedies.

The start is a simple conversation to talk things through. We need to see where we are and look at the issues and try to agree a plan. This can be a quick process or it can take some unravelling – we are all different. One size definitely does not fit all and we are not all dealing with the same pack of cards. We work as a team of practitioners and we have found that our own paths have meandered and scrambled around and then found a natural course, with some outside help.

We can find a way through life together – but it has to be an individual path. Too often we are shoehorned into someone else’s perception of recovery or wellness and this can feel uncomfortable. Therapy needs to be worn like a loose-fitting scarf – not a restrictive noose.

Why the Green Light?

As an avid F. Scott Fitzgerald fan, I believe there is something beautiful, poignant and ultimately optimistic in the spirit of his great novel, The Great Gatsby, that encapsulates a challenge in life that we often return to in therapy: what do we actually want in life? And is it achievable – within our grasp – and what have we lost along the way?

Too often this question of what is it that we want is overlooked as we strive for what we think we should achieve or what we have absorbed from others as our ideal life plan  – or we just fell into our lives without much thought and then find ourselves stuck.

I have found that stopping and reflecting, pausing for thought, can be helpful rather than trying to ignore a nagging sensation that we are not in fact living the life that we want. This can be scary as it can involve making changes – but it is liberating to metaphorically release the monsters from under the bed.

It is said that regrets are more painful to bear than mistakes in life and a life examined tends to head some regrets off at the pass. If nothing else, it gives us some choices based on bringing the repressed fears and desires into the conscious…

I hope to post some musings based on our explorations into the intertwined worlds of psychotherapy, psychology and holistic therapies – as well as a liberal sprinkling of the arts to add some spice to the mix.

There is no right or wrong answer – there is no one prescription – this is a tumble down the rabbit hole – a mutual exploration – and we hope you will join us. I hope it will be rewarding, mind-stretching, body-bending and fun.

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