There at times when weekly therapy is not enough and a deeper dive into immersive treatment may be necessary.


White River Manor is a treatment destination I wholeheartedly recommend. It is on the edge of the Kruger National Park in South Africa and has options for dependency and wellness.


It is a high gravitas destination with a beautiful therapeutic community and world-class clinicians. It is a family business and as a result the feel is of safety and containment  rather than of clinical sterility. The proximity to nature and wildlife  brings with it an element of spirituality and rewilding that can feed the mind, body and soul.


Please contact me if you would like to know more about White River or Cottonwood Tucson. The path to wellness is sometimes easier to find with  additional help. I run alumni groups for the facilities in London.



“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.”

Sigmund Freud


“Until you make the unconscious conscious,

it will rule your life and you will call it Fate.”

Carl Jung

What Our Patients Say

Patient Testimonials

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I started to see Michele for addictions therapy a few years ago,  having failed to stop drinking numerous times before.  And here I am now 3 ½ years sober.  Michele was absolutely instrumental in helping me to understand myself,  often challenging but also comforting – helping me navigate my way through a particularly difficult time.  The level of trust I built with Michele – almost instantly – was of upmost importance and her deep understanding and encouragement – without being overpowering – was incredibly helpful in getting me back on track.

We also started couples therapy and even extended this to the children – with Michele's guidance – helping us all understand and find our way through the families' new normal.

We all learn and carry snippets with us of things that we have learned and helpful things people have said – but some notes I carry from Michele are absolute gems that I cherish and carry everywhere.

I have had numerous different therapists over the years – and it is very true that it is the connection that counts – none have made me feel more comfortable,  confident and empowered as Michele has.


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Michele has worked with my young adult child for over two years and built an effective and valued relationship. During that time my child has made enormous progress on many fronts and Michele has hosted some very effective live conjoints.


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Therapy with Michele came at a crucial time in my life and helped me change my relationships with family and friends. Above all, Michele's keen eye and analysis enabled me to accommodate and prioritise my recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism. Much of this shift happened during and after the pandemic and our therapy has since shifted from being recovery focused to allow for more psychoanalysis. It's no stretch of the imagination to say Michele's therapy alongside regular 12 step fellowship meetings have saved my life.


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Michele is an exceptional relationship therapist. Her caring and professional demeanor created a safe space for me during a tumultuous breakup. She truly listens and offers valuable insights, fostering trust and understanding. Michele's guidance helped me navigate the emotional rollercoaster of my breakup, equipping me with tools for healing and personal growth. I highly recommend Michele to anyone seeking support during relationship challenges. Her warm and empathetic approach, coupled with her vast knowledge, has been a transformative experience.


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Our matrimonial relationship is being worked on with Michele’s guidance and is showing every sign of strengthening. 

E & V

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I would highly recommend Michele to anyone looking for a therapist highly skilled and experienced in just being with people who are in deep emotional pain. Over the five years we worked together, Michele offered me a safe, empathetic space to first come to terms with the death of my daughter, and then to gradually integrate this and make new meaning in my life. She knew when I needed space to explore my thoughts and feelings, and when I needed gentle challenge to facilitate growth and change. I am forever grateful for the work we did together.


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The Bond Street Practice was a key in putting my life back together.  I found working with someone with real life first hand experience as well as the in-depth highly regarded industry qualifications that set The Bond Street Practice apart from others I have tried to work with before.

Michele did a great job for me in a very difficult time for everyone during Covid.


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My sessions with Michele are a source of much needed and support and reassurance during extremely challenging and ongoing family issues.  Michele listens patiently, understands quickly and offers very thoughtful, knowledgeable and insightful support.  Weekly sessions with Michele help me to remain calm and find some clarity during an overwhelming time.  Thank you for your help.


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In my experience, group therapy with the others, facilitated by Michele has been invaluable - as it helped me to open up and share my issues by being around peers who also do the same. It helped me to hear other people's issues and not feel different and alone.
I get feedback from peers in a safe space without feeling judged. By listening to others' shares and feedback, it also helped me realise that there are potentially various ways to deal with my issues and feelings.


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My journey in recovery began with Michele over five years ago when my alcohol addiction and mental health had reached a crisis point. My previous experience with other therapists had not been so successful so I was a little apprehensive to say the least, but I immediately felt at ease with Michele. Her personality and charisma were suitably disarming during sessions, allowing me to open up and speak my mind without feeling vulnerable. The combination of her professional and personal experiences create a balanced dynamic that is comforting and encouraging. When I found it difficult to articulate how I was feeling, Michele was always patient and empathetic as she guided me through my thoughts and feelings, allowing me to mentally 'dig-deep’ and build confidence. My time with Michele is the most important time in my life, she gave me the wisdom and the courage I needed to begin my journey in recovery and maintain the sobriety that I cherish to this day.


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Michele - I can’t tell you how much value I get from you and the group. You really are something special. A superstar. 


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The Bond Street Practice's guidance and support is absolutely unparalleled. I could not possibly recommend a practice more. Michele is a beacon of light and wisdom and there is no-one else I'd rather seek counsel from.


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The group still is the foundation stone of my recovery.  Special friendships have been made, to whom we can reach out and they to us.  At the centre of the group of course is Michele.  Having worked with 7 therapists over the years I feel qualified in saying she is truly an exceptional therapist and person.  She knows us all well and can tells the signs instinctively when we are struggling. The Alumni Group has proved to be both a safety net and a life jacket  and helps me regain the joy in my life that I had lost.


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I was in treatment 10 years ago after my life became unmanageable with a failing marriage. The aftercare group in London with Michele has been a lifeline I have been able to hold on to in my recovery these past 5 years.

Michele being there in person running the weekly alumni group during lockdown when my marriage finally completely broke down in 2021 was literally the only safe thing I had to hold on to and I continue to do so. 

The group is a safe, structured, kind space for and I know we all hold on to that a lot. Michele is an incredible therapist and her feedback is a great help to me and the others in the group.  We do all rely on the presence of the weekly alumni group and are very grateful for it.


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I am so grateful for the support of the alumni group, it has been and continues to be a vital part of my weekly recovery plan. Michele holds a very safe space where I and others can be truly open and honest. I always come away feeling lighter and brighter. These groups are extremely special and important to me. I’m mainly online for them but as often as I can I get myself to London to be in person with Michele and the group. 


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Michele helped me overcome and understand my crippling addictions. She continues to be a constant voice of support, reason and wisdom. I am forever grateful.